“Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it”?

14:00 - 16:00
Conference Room 3, Canham Turner (Staff House), University of Hull

This Daily Mail headline got the media (and the country) talking. We have strong facts and figures that demonstrate the gender pay gap across work places and statistics that demonstrate men progress in their careers quicker than women.  Many workplaces (including the University of Hull) are striving to address these differences. A panel chaired by Dr Judith Dyson on behalf of the PoWER team www2.hull.ac.uk/power.aspx and consisting of local industry leaders will debate your questions. The panel will consist of eight people with different perspectives of gender equality (a paramedic, a fire fighter, an engineer, a police officer, a “weight watchers” leader) and the following:

Sean McAllister, Director, known for his candid, frank films. His most recent BAFTA nominated, multi award winning film, A Syrian Love Story (2015) was screened in the UK and European parliaments, released independently to critical acclaim, named The Guardian's #3 best film of 2015.  Sean was Creative Director for the opening event for Hull 2017 city of culture 'Made in Hull’ a week long city centre event including light and sound projections which saw a record 350,000 people take to the streets of Hull.

Jacqui Thompson, a classically trained Musician by trade, and a keen sportswoman, she has been teaching now for over 32 years.

Roles have varied from Head of Music, Head of Faculty (Performing Arts), Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour & Attendance) to her current position as Headteacher of The Boulevard Centre - a school for vulnerable young women, pregnant & teenage Mums.

Danny Kissenisky, a silver medallist in the commonwealth judo championships in 1992, is a father of three girls, 5, 9 and 11.  He has coached judo for the last 20 years in clubs and schools and became England youth coach in 2007 – 2010.  Danny is the owner of a coaching business ‘GO-SPORTS’, providing school judo clubs in Hull and the East Riding, coaching over 400 children age 5yrs – 16yrs per week.


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Anyone interested in equality and diversity and in particular gender equality.

Gary Pepper