Protecting your digital footprint

14:00 - 15:30
University of Hull Business School, Cottingham Road, Hull

Protecting yourself and your digital data from Cyber Criminals has become an increasing concern. As both businesses and individuals are pushed into an increasingly online presence where web-based transacting is the norm, their digital footprint can be exploited and valuable intelligence can be extracted. How can we respond?

This seminar will demonstrate how every contact leaves a trace and offer tips on reducing our online risks and better manage our digital footprint.

This seminar is provided by the Humber Business Resilience Forum ( that provides advice and information to individuals, businesses and organisations about digital footprints.

  • Welcome: Gordon Meldrum QPM (Chair of the HBRF)
  • “Protect your online reputation” (Norman Mortell BA (Hons), Director, Agenda Screening Services and HBRF board member)
  • “Safer use of the Internet” (Barclays Digital Eagles)
  • How safe is your information (Humberside Police Cyber Crime Team)





Anybody with concerns about personal information whether as an individual or for their organisation, people concerned about the safety of personal information and potential Data Protection Act breach fines, organisations concerned about the blurring between private and public social media use and the growing threat of cybercrime.

Brief comments and Q & A: Dionysios Demetis, PhD (Vice-Chair of the HBRF)

Gary Pepper