Future Leaders Network – The Imperfect Leader


10:30am – 11:30am 

KCOM Stadium, Walton Street, Hull, HU3 6HU

This session is aimed at managers with leadership roles or aspiring leaders within SMEs. It will challenge conventional views of ‘heroic’ leadership by exploring how consciousness of our own imperfections and demonstration of humility can help us be more adaptable to change to fulfil a role as capable and robust leaders. The session is part of the Humber Future Leaders Network.

As the complexity that leaders face increases the need to understand and acknowledged our flaws and limitations becomes more important, we can’t do everything ourselves. Yet, we are bombarded with stories and images of success that sometimes make it difficult to own our flaws potentially creating issues for ourselves or for those that follow us.

Our limitations are not an excuse for poor performance, but they are an opportunity for both personal and team growth. By acknowledging our flaws and empowering those better placed to lead when we may struggle we show both humility and authenticity, forms of leadership people want to follow.

Delivered by Dr Tom Hoyland, Hull University Business School.


Register your interest by emailing futureleaders@hull.ac.uk

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Gary Pepper