Thrive: Time Banking in Business

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10.30am – 11.30am

Vice Presidents Suite, KCOM Stadium

Want to revolutionize your workplace and re-energise your staff?

Join us for a creative and inspiring workshop exploring the opportunities the unique movement that is TimeBanking can bring to your business.

TimeBanking is based on the simple concept of reciprocal exchange. It has a few core principles: one hour = one credit, everyone’s time is equal, and giving and receiving are of equal importance. You help or share with another member for an hour, and you then have an hour’s ‘credit’ you can cash in getting whatever help you need in return. Individuals, organisations and businesses can get involved to share skills, space and stuff. 

Benefits for businesses include:

•             No cost access to the first tier of our ‘Thrive’ programme – taking a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing. You will have access to regular wellbeing sessions and skills workshops, as well as a staff skills audit to unlock the hidden talents and interests of the people you share a desk with every day. 

•             Half or full day team building sessions or away days – we can run these in your office or use our wide range of indoor and outdoor venues across Hull and the East Riding to whisk you away for some fresh air and fresh ideas!

•             Regular wellbeing tips and ongoing support from TimeBank broker 

•             Taking the stress out of CSR – TimeBank can broker your donated hours for you, so doing good doesn’t have to 

•             Increased awareness of your service/ product through regular ‘Down to Business’ features in our newsletter, social media, events and exchanges

This event will give you a clear understanding of how TimeBank came into being, the change it’s already inspiring across Hull and the East Riding and, crucially, its benefits within the context of your business. Some of our business members and other skilled members will be joining us to share their experiences too.


This event will benefit anyone from a business or other organisation which wants to unlock the brightest potential from its staff, is interested in building meaningful ties with the communities around it, and is open to doing things a little bit differently.


Book via Eventbrite:

Or for more information contact Holly Walton, Time Bank Organisations Broker, on / 07843 352481

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Gary Pepper