I know what you bought at the weekend!

I know what you bought at the weekend!

In the digital world we live in everything is tracked; what websites you visit, who you call, what apps you use…but what exactly is that information used for? Where does it go? Who has access to it? We’ll deep dive into what online privacy actually means and how businesses can use it not for malicious activity, but to benefit their customers and grow their brand.

In this webinar Alistair O’Sullivan, Managing Director at performance marketing agency Diony will look at the ins and outs of data online and how businesses can make the most of it. From the adverts that follow you around the internet as your browse, to the mysterious email you get after adding something to your basket, we’ll look at the weird and wonderful ways businesses can target new and old customers online to help drive more traffic and generate more business.

But beware, there are also many headline legal issues to think about when “setting up shop” online whether you’re a large organisation, a one-man-band selling services to clients on a freelance basis, or you are setting up a platform or app to sell products.  It’s vitally important to ensure your business is legally compliant to avoid a costly dispute and claims in the future. 

Andrew Digwood, a Partner in the Dispute Resolution team will flag up some other issues to think about where it might be sensible to seek legal advice as you establish your online trading presence, so you don’t encounter problems when it’s too late.

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07 June 2021 14:00 - 15:00

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All businesses wanting to make better use of their digital data to get more custom and website traffic

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