Next Generation Event #1: Personal Brand - Earned Not Given

Next Generation Event #1: Personal Brand - Earned Not Given

The Young Talent Network and Hull & Humber Top 30 Under 30s are working in collaboration to bring young professionals Next Gen Events:

Nowadays we live in such a competitive world that a degree, apprenticeship, or even experience won’t be enough, it helps but someone might just beat you to that job, therefore, your personal brand can be just as important. We need to dig deep and reflect on our values, skills, and communication to build an authentic personal brand, you may not consciously be aware of your personal brand but we all have one. Building a powerful brand is earned and not given. How do you want to be known by others?


Natalie Downie is F&T’s Managing Director. Nat joined F&T in 2014 on a two-week work experience placement. Four years in, she was promoted to MD and received the prestigious Top30Under30 Award for the Hull & Humber region in the same year. She loves pushing the business to the next level and taking care of her employees and clients. When Natalie’s head is not in F&T business, she’s either on a spinning bike or out for a country walk with her partner and influencer dog Bruce where all walks end with a wine.


Investing in our region’s young people is vital. It’s important we put in the time, training and resource needed to help them flourish. The future of our businesses, and the region’s economic success is young professionals, they are key to our future prosperity.

As the region’s leading organisations for young professionals, Marketing Humber’s Young Talent Network and Hull & Humber Top 30 Under 30 have identified that we need to offer more opportunities for the younger audience to learn, network and grow. With this in mind, we are delighted to offer a range of events to be included in the highly esteemed Humber Business Week.

A place for those early on in their career with a less established professional networks to feel welcome and comfortable to be in attendance and enjoy event content designed specifically for them.

Next Generation Events will provide an opportunity for the young talent in the region to meet likeminded people, grow their confidence, hear from inspirational speakers, find out more about what exciting developments are happening in the region and attend personal and professional development sessions.

Following the coronavirus pandemic, as the country starts to open back up, we have great concerns around the social impact on young people’s wellbeing, their mental health, confidence and career opportunities. Which is why resilience, mindset and building confidence are going to be key themes throughout this series of events.

We believe that it has never been more important to include and celebrate the success of our young people and the impact they have on the growth and success of businesses in our region.

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08 June 2021 09:15 - 10:00

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Aimed at the Younge Talent Network. Students leaving college and university, young professionals in their first job.

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“It’s about business – a week to inspire and connect with energy and passion”.

| Paul Sewell, Founder of Humber Business Week

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