Intellectual Property, Cyber - crime, Security and Misconduct – Risk Management and Solutions

Intellectual Property, Cyber - crime, Security and Misconduct  – Risk Management  and Solutions

If a company has their IP stolen or affected by a cyber attack, or other means, the consequences can range from reputational damage and lost revenue, to losing clients or  competitive advantage. 
In worst case scenarios it can mean the loss of a business. 
Yet some businesses don’t properly understand, or recognise, their own intellectual property and have no real idea about the risks they are open to. 
Where should you turn when you realise you have been, or may become, the subject of an attempted cyber-attack? 
Or when you recognise that there may be serious financial irregularities in your business that could even grow to include international and multi-jurisdictional investigations, or if your employees make allegations that require expert, 
independent, investigators.
You may think you have taken all possible steps to protect your business, both digitally and physically, but have you had those measures independently tested by people trained to breach security measures? 
Because that is what you may be up against.
Drawing on years of international experience working for governments and multi-nationals, local company, Agencia, has a team of experts ranging from former specialist military and police officers, to IP Protection practitioners and lawyers, to investigative journalists and project managers, ensuring all angles, risks and avenues of penetration and investigation are covered. 
They are the local international experts.
To grow your business and become outstanding in your field, you need to avoid interruption to your company’s momentum and avoid potentially significant threats. 
We will help you to understand where some of those threats to your business may lie and highlight some of the 
services that exist, on your doorstep, to assist you to avert them.
Speakers: Keith Hunter and Peter Astley 

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06 June 2022 13:30

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MKM Stadium - Vice Presidents Suite

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