Imposter Syndrome – what is it; how it impacts us; and how to manage it!

Imposter Syndrome  – what is it; how it  impacts us; and how to manage it!

Most of us will have experienced ‘Imposter Syndrome’ at some point in our professional lives - even those we think of as super successful or extremely talented have doubted their ability.

The genius Albert Einstein called himself an ‘involuntary swindler’ whose work didn’t deserve as much attention as it received.

Hull Business Women’s Breakfast club are delighted to invite you to join us and find out more about this,much experienced but littletalked about phenomenon as Beckie Hart, CBI Regional Director for Yorkshire & the Humber, takes us on a humorous and serious look at what it means to experience ‘imposter syndrome’.

She will look at how this affects our work, and strategies we can use to move beyond limiting ‘imposter’ thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

As the CBI’s director for Yorkshire and the Humber, Beckie Hart is responsible for managing and developing relationships with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders in the region; recruiting new members to the CBI as well as central and regional lobbying. In addition,

Beckie and her team deliver a programme of policy and best practice events for CBI members and regional stakeholders.Beckie is a Commissioner for the Yorkshire & Humber Climate Commission, a cook and server at the Silent Community Kitchen, a Volunteer Vaccinator for the St John’s Ambulance and writes a weekly column in the Yorkshire Post.

She is married with 2 schoolage children.

The event forms part of Hull Business Women’s Breakfast Club’s 30th year celebrations.

Founded in 1992,the club aims to support senior business women across the Hull and surrounding areasto share business knowledge and experience. The world of business and how women experience it is always changing. No matter what happens, we continue to inspire and support senior female entrepreneurs and business women to achieve their full potential and we are always looking for new members who would benefit from the club.

This BizWeek event is open to both men and women and if you are a senior business woman looking for business club with a difference, come and find out more.Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis.

Canapé lunch and networking from 12.30pm
Imposter Syndrome Event including  Q&A, discussion 1pm - 2pm

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09 June 2022 12:30

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The Sewell Studio, Geneva Way, Leads Road, Hull HU7 0DG

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