Lord John Prescott hails ‘phenomenal’ impact of City of Culture in Hull at Humber Business Week event


Lord John Prescott hailed the ‘phenomenal’ impact of Hull being the UK City of Culture in 2017 as he addressed a Humber Business Week audience.

The former East Hull MP and Deputy Prime Minster was one of the headline speakers on the second day of the week-long festival of business – talking about his life in politics, and in the city he loves.

Questioned by Hull entrepreneur Paul Sewell at KCOM Craven Park, Lord Prescott hailed the huge impact being City of Culture has had on Hull – helping boost local pride of those who for so long have seen the city knocked.

"It's phenomenal what has happened here, and the city is going to be in great shape after. That will be one of the important legacies. I'm hoping it has given great pride to Hull. You see it in the people,” he said.

"I have been fortunate to live in an area that is very compassionate, has strong views, but is also very understanding. Something that is missing in a lot of places."

Having enjoyed a high-profile political career at the heart of the Labour Government under Tony Blair, Lord Prescott said he was proud of his achievements – even though he admitted that in his younger days, he did not have a clear view of where he wanted his career to head.

"I didn't, like most people, have any idea what I wanted to be. I think to a certain extent what I always wanted to be was a bit of a rebel. I've always had that part in me,” he said.

Referring to his political career – he described himself as a ‘natural compromiser’ when talking about playing peacemaker between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – but also said he felt he’d always be remember mainly for throwing a punch at a protestor on the campaign trail, rather than his achievements.

“I hope what I will be most remembered for is basically doing what I came into politics to do, to improve things for the many not the few,” he said.

"When I die though, all I will be remembered for, after forty years as a member of parliament and the longest deputy prime minister, they will just show me hitting that fella.

"That is what I will be most remembered for, but I've done quite a bit of what I set out to do, and I'm proud of that."


Gary Pepper