Work & the Good Life: Utopias, Alternatives, Ethical Perspectives (Institute of Applied Ethics Symposium)

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TR1, Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull

The aim of the symposium is to raise questions and stimulate thinking about the nature and future of work, at individual, organisational and societal levels. Three main topics will be addressed:

1. Why work?

Examining issues such as what counts as work, the values that we place on work and issues of work and identity.

2. How to work?

Exploring issues such as how our working lives should be organised, if the availability and quality of work be left to the job market and the challenges raised by the digital platform and gig economies.

3. Alternatives to work?

Examining alternatives to working life, the distinction between work and family commitments and the impacts of robots and automation on our attitudes to work in the future.

This symposium promises a day of thought-provoking discussion, confronting empirical, theoretical and philosophical perspectives, critical and utopian approaches. The discussion will start with presentations by speakers from academia and policy, including Sam Clark (University of Lancaster), Patrick Reedy (University of Hull), Guy Standing (SOAS) and Will Stronge (Autonomy Institute).

The event will conclude by a roundtable featuring representatives of local groups from Hull, responding to the ideas from the perspective of their daily practice.

A free networking lunch will be provided.





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