Tomorrow’s World Today

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7:45am - 9:30am (including complimentary breakfast)
The Deep

HBBC is pleased to join forces with RB and C4Di to present a session on “Tomorrow’s World Today”.

In a competitive economic environment, businesses continually need to improve, adapt and be flexible to the changing world around them in order to evolve and maintain a commercial advantage.

Technology is a key driver of innovation and is now at the forefront of enabling businesses to become more agile in what has become a digitally enabled, always connected, data driven world.

Business leaders are becoming increasingly ‘tech-savvy’, technology is changing rapidly and ‘millennials’ now hold about 20 percent of all leadership roles, with that percentage set to grow throughout 2018.

Hull’s ‘Digital Ambassador’ David Keel will look at the wealth of digital businesses in Hull, the role that the C4DI has played in highlighting and marketing this and then outline the current future digital landscape and give some thoughts on how this will develop and change our lives even more.

Catriona McAulay, Daniel Groom and Temitayo Ogundimu will also share their insights, as graduates on RB’s Future Leadership Programme.  They will explore how new technology is shaping a more agile and collaborative working environment, as well as creating new opportunities



FREE (including breakfast)

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Gary Pepper