Help to GrowWorkshop

Help to GrowWorkshop

Come along to our open session for SMEs on the Help To Grow programme (a 90% funded programme for SME leaders, director, MDs and decision makers).
This open session will give you a taste of the programme, which looks at how SMEs can scale up, grow, innovate and importantly how to be more resilient in uncertain times.
The programme itself is 12 sessions across 12 weeks on a part-time basis.
Through a mix of 2hr webinars and workshops we take learners on practical applications of modern management. This session will give you a taste of the sessions and more information about how to join the other 30,000 SME leaders across the country joining the programme.

Event lasts one hour

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06 June 2022 14:00

Who is it aimed at

SME leaders, directors, MDs and decision makers.


MKM Stadium

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“It’s about business – a week to inspire and connect with energy and passion”.

| Paul Sewell, Founder of Humber Business Week

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