Bondholder Breakfast: Unveiling the Humber Placebrand

Bondholder Breakfast: Unveiling the Humber Placebrand


You are invited to the unveiling of the Humber Placebrand co-curated by the businesses and institutions of the region and designed to define how the world sees the Humber region.

Join us as we launch a unique identity for our place - one that we can all get behind and use to attract investment, businesses, visitors, students and new residents.

This event goes beyond mere words and marketing; it’s a call for collective action to shape the very fabric of our community. As leaders, ambassadors, and contributors, your presence is vital in changing not only perceptions but the very essence of how we do things here, how we conduct business, the events we put on, and how we activate public spaces - every aspect that impacts people’s lives.

For many Humber is a story to be told, a gift to be unwrapped. By coming together, we have the power to weave this narrative into one that resonates positively locally and worldwide. The importance of this endeavour cannot be overstated. As cities and regions evolve, we must act to compete for talent, investment, visitors, and jobs. This is our moment to aim high and let the world know about what we stand for, what we do and the ambition we hold in Humber.

Hundreds of individuals from across the Humber region and beyond have contributed to the Humber Placebrand, demonstrating a commitment that is instrumental in defining our shared values and influencing long-term change in how people perceive the Humber.

Now is the time for us to act as place leaders. It’s in our hands to showcase the Humber region’s true potential. Join us at the launch during Humber Business Week 2024.

Meet the speakers:

  • Host - Wayne Hemingway, MBE 
    Wayne Hemingway brings four decades of award-winning design and entrepreneurial experience, which works in harmony with the bounty of fresh, invigorating ideas from the next generation of HemingwayDesign partners. Embarking on a transformative journey in 1982, Wayne co-established Red or Dead, growing it into a fashion sensation with stores across the globe.
    As MD, Wayne worked with Dr Martens in a very profound way, setting up an office, a team and establishing a Dr Martens clothing, accessories and retail arm. Later opening a five-storey department store in Covent Garden, London.
    After selling Red or Dead in 1999, Wayne co-founded HemingwayDesign in 2000, focusing on improving life through design. Notable projects include the Staithes South Bank development with Wimpey Homes, the regeneration of Dreamland in Margate, town centre regeneration across the UK, masterplans for coastal towns including Cleethorpes and Lowestoft, placebrands for dozens of towns and cities from York to Southend and nationally significant placemaking events from The National Festival of Making in Blackburn to We Invented the Weekend at Media City to First Light in Lowestoft and Vintage by the Sea in Morecambe. The latest project Charity Super.Mkt has raised £1.75 million for charities in its first year. 
    With an MBE awarded in 2006 for services to design, Wayne continues to shape places, receiving accolades such as the Design Week Award for Dreamland and Placemaking Project of the Year at the Insider North West Property Awards.
    Today, HemingwayDesign thrives as a force for positive change, blending experience and youthful innovation. B-Corp certified and committed to a better world, Wayne and his team values talent, personality, and the power of design to create lasting impact.

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03 June 2024 08:00

Who is it aimed at

Everyone in the Humber region as we engage with the narrative


MKM Stadium, Walton Street, Hull. HU3 6HU

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Monday 5th Events
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“It’s about business – a week to inspire and connect with energy and passion”.

| Paul Sewell, Founder of Humber Business Week

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