Elevenses - Awesome Women: Ragini Annan

Elevenses - Awesome Women: Ragini Annan

An array of business talent has graced the Elevenses stage since the informal natters were introduced by Biz Week founder Paul Sewell in 2021 – and some of the stars of the show have been women.

This year Paul will sit down with Ragini Annan, who was born in India and arrived in the UK via Uganda in the 1970s. 

A computer sciences degree from Loughborough University set her on the road to a career in tech and to roles with Mitch Kapor’s Lotus start-up, which became the world’s third largest computer company by 1983. 

From there Ragini worked with Apple and Steve Jobs on the launch of Macintosh 1984. 

Paul will be asking Ragini about her experiences globe-trotting at the epicentre of the tech revolution. It’s anybody’s guess what sort of replies he will get from someone cut from the same cloth as other awesome women who have occupied the Elevenses chair.

If you saw BBC and Channel 4 TV presenter Steph McGovern, business leader and politician Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, and Debbie Robinson, the Central England CEO and European Vice President of the Co-op, you’ll know why we’re expecting another full house!

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04 June 2024 11:00

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Sewell Studio, Geneva Way, Leads Road, HU7 0DG

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