Navigating accounts, investment and risk management in your business

Navigating accounts, investment and risk management in your business

Understanding the values of accounting information to secure investment to build business and personal wealth whilst managing risk. 

Meet the experts Liz Turpin from Turpin Accounting Services, Elvis Hernandez of OSL Risk Management and Charlie Hewson from Informed Financial Planning 
where we delve into the pivotal role of accounting information in securing investments to foster business growth and personal wealth accumulation while effectively managing risks. 

In today’s dynamic economic landscape, understanding the intrinsic value of accounting information is crucial for entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals alike. This event aims to empower participants with comprehensive insights into leveraging accounting data to attract and utilise investments, optimise financial strategies, and cultivate sustainable prosperity.

Key topics to be explored include:

  • Unveiling the significance of understanding accounting information for use indecision making
  • Strategies for utilising financial data to build robust business foundations and enhance business and personal wealth
  • Risk management techniques for safeguarding investments and ensuring long-term financial stability
  • Practical case studies and real-world examples illustrating the impact of all the above.

Event Details


06 June 2024 09:30

Who is it aimed at

SME's wanting to grow and be more tax efficient



The Edge Hub, Myton Street, Hull

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Monday 5th Events
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